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Terrie was born and grew up in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, in Africa.  Rhodesia was considered the breadbasket of Africa until independence around 1981. But that is a discussion for another place and time.

She did all her schooling in Rhodesia, and learnt under the British education system. The education standard was high there, and Terrie feels this has helped her gain a better understanding of many aspects of the english language, and other things needed for the art of writing.

The country of Zimbabwe boasts the Victoria Falls, one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. A visit to this spectacular waterfall will stay in a persons memory for a long time.


Terrie married young, and has three great children, a daughter and two sons. They are all adult now. Her sons, have learning difficulties with Autism. Terrie says of the stresses of life with the boys, "The everyday ups and downs of looking after them have, I hope, have made me a stronger person, If nothing else, life with two boys with problems has certainly opened my eyes to how privileged "normal" people are." Terrie's daughter followed in her paternal Grandmothers footsteps and became a nurse.

Terrie's husband is a farmer. He works extremely hard running an outdoor pig unit. While it is great fun working with pigs, the outdoor conditions make the job extremely difficult. But the plus side is, these are some of the most intelligent and character filled animals around.

Family are very important to Terrie, and will always have a special place in her heart.

Terrie got an interest in writing many years ago, but didn't really pursue this avenue much - it was just fun to write things at the time. As a young child reading was her strongpoint, and she has always loved reading, though she hasn't  always had the time to sit down and enjoy a good book.

Although Terrie prefers some authors over others, she doesn't have any clear favorites - you know - the ones that stand out from the rest. She has enjoyed the Harry Potter books, had an interest in Roald Dahl, and got absorbed in the Beverly Lewis books about the life of an Amish girl. The latter is probably more adult reading. The only book that is a stand out book is "The Little Prince". Terrie says of the book, "I read this book many years ago, and it still has its place. One day I will read it again."

As This is written, Terrie's writing achievements are church newsletter contributions, publication in some magazines and some puppet plays. 

As the Missions President for their Church, Terrie was responsible for reporting to the Church community about all things Missions. When the Bible Study group she was attending was asked for volunteers to send in a testimonial to the writers of the study, Terrie wrote one. One day they were presented with some puppets, you know, the ones with moving mouths. They needed scripts, so Terrie and her husband, Andy, wrote some. 

Terrie's goal is to get short stories published, and hopefully, eventually a book deal. She has had the privilege of doing two writing courses through the Institute for Childrens Literature, which have taught her many things about the writing process. It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with two published authors as I learnt the tricks of the trade.

Terrie is hoping to go on to bigger and better things soon. 

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